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encountering Lugia in Emerald; is it possible???


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so, when i was a kid, i was playing Emerald on an emulator on my phone, as far as i know, i didn't put in a cheat code for a lugia encounter, but while sailing the ocean, i had a random encounter, normal stuff right? turns out Lugia decided to drop in and see how i was doing. I did the usual strat of quick-save quick-load-ing until the pokemon is caught on the first try (i really wanted to be mr. perfect in emerald as a kid), then tragedy struck, i accidentally quick-saved while Brandon was throwing the ball and no matter how many times i tried to quick-load, the damage was done. lugia broke out of the ultra ball and ran. i'm about to get a gameboy SP and a copy of emerald, and i was wondering if i could maybe encounter lugia again by following some steps, but apparently it's impossible to catch lugia unless you use an action replay/cheat shark to give yourself a ticket to navel rock, so i'm posting here to see if anyone else has had an encounter like this.

Edit: i do remember getting a bad egg, but the only cheat i ever remember being installing on the emulator was a walk through walls cheat, and that was for fire red, i also think it's important to mention that besides my phone, i also remember playing it on a computer, also on an emulator (obviously), but i can't seem to remember which one i got the bad egg in.

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The only way to get a legit Lugia in Emerald is to gen a mystic ticket into your game, that lets you fly to the island where you can get both Ho-Oh and Lugia. These are considered legal pokemon, and you can trade them all the way to gen 8. Unless you're playing a hacked ROM, that's the only way to get these legendaries in Emerald, altho there is a way to get Ho-Oh in Colosseum and Lugia in Gale of Darkness, if you want, and transfer them over as well, using Trigger's PC to trade the pokemon between saves like a fan made Poke Bank works wonders and I recommend it as well

What you're probably referring to would be either Latias or Latios, roaming legendaries that can be caught theoretically anywhere once they're triggered, Latios looks similar to Lugia at first glance and can escape you if you fail to catch it

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