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Max raid battles doesn't work as intended


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So I am using Pkhex for a while now and found out there was a raid button in the "SAV" menu.
I did a little reading. Set the parameters to 4 stars and rare for a few dens. It didn't worked at all.
I set "activate all" which randomized all dens. Then went and changed some of them.
My changes didn't happen in the game. The randomized "activate all" worked but my manual change didn't.
I made sure I am not the right den on Serbeii. I even did the same with multiple dens to make sure its not a den that is bugged.
I also tried doing both the rare and normal dens that are the same one (like the 44 and 8 that are the same but listed as different between rare and normal).

I do not looking for specific pokemon to appear so I didn't started using the plugin since its complicated and I don't need those kinda stuff right now.
I just wants to fight dens with 4 stars rare.

Raid change.PNG

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It does work.

Since it appears you're already date-skipping, don't restore an old save file from a previous date. The ticking over to midnight advances all the dens RNG state, rerolling all the dens' active state.

Activate All previously crashed the game, because the game cannot handle having all dens active. Not sure if that's still the case.

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