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Pokemon Emerald 3DS CIA RTC Stopped Functioning

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I've been playing through Emerald on my 3DS using a cia that was previously completely in line with my 3DS's system time, and would obey time based events. The other day, I copied the save onto my computer in order to inject the wonder cards of the event exclusive items so I could have them in my game. To save time in having to copy the file back to my 3DS after every new event, I collected them using my GBA flashcart on my gameboy micro, then put that save back onto my 3DS. However, now I have noticed that although clocks in game still read the same time as my 3DS system time, time based events are not advancing in my game. My berries aren't growing and the berry master wont give me new berries when I log in to play each day. Any idea as to how I could fix this? :)) thank you!!

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I reset the time on PkHex and found out my game was somehow on a day over 7800. Oddly now ingame the time is 2 hours behind my 3ds. Daily events are still acting like I claimed them earlier today so will have to update after midnight my time in >2 hours.

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Simply resetting the RTC on PkHex didn't seem to work and was leaving me annoyed with being 2 hours behind suddenly. I went back and started messing around in settings and discovered that the Days Passed in Event Flags>Event Constants was still that over 7800 number from before I reset the clock. In addition I found a previous save backup from before I did the wonder card injections and found the RTC days passed on it was much lower. I ended up changing the RTC times to the exact ones of the old backup and the Event Constant time to match the RTC and when I tried that save it was clear time had passed as my berries had grown. Changing the date on my 3ds 1 day ahead let me do daily events again proving it had fixed it. Also my ingame time matched my 3DS system time again. I'm not sure if it was the lowering of the RTC to the one of my old backup or the matching of the RTC days with the Event Constants that fixed it if anyone comes across this thread in the future but I hope someone may be able to get something from what I've found :)) 

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