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Ryujinx chewed up my save for Sheild

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Title says it all, attached are two files it chewed up, and here's what the issue was.


I put a lot of time into at least one of them, problem is, I don't know which is which. Is there any chance to recover the file?

Comparing it to a proper save I found online, it doesn't seem to have TOO MUCH different, but an actual switch, Ryujinx itself, and PKHeX have no idea what to do with the file (reports corrupted).

main (1) main (2)

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Well, that's the thing, the encryption seems to be missing with Ryujinx? If you open it with a hex editor, there's about 15 hex pairs missing, and on a freshly generated save file with the game, these are STILL missing, but PKHeX doesn't care and loads the fresh save just fine. So I'm not entirely sure, but it's not like I can find any kind of comprehensive list of the save files structure anywhere through my googling methods.

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12 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

Nah encryption is there. It's the game that applies an extra layer of encryption. It's there all right.

Well your save is completely garbled, like a encrypted file would be.

To be clear, you're not saving with save states and stuff right?

Switch emulators don't save state, otherwise, this might be recoverable. No chance in hell to brute force the encryption that you might know/heard of?

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In the long run, it's probably faster to start a fresh save and give yourself whatever pokemon/items/money was lost, and power through the game to get back to the same level of progress with some level 100 pokemon.

If the solution takes longer than "doing it over again from scratch" it's probably better to just do it over from scratch.

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