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Help with corrupted Pokemon Legends Arceus save

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Long story short, i deleted my save files including my backup. I used Recova to recover the save files but when i open the game it says they're corrupted, i tried using different recovery programs and they all led to the same. Could someone help me recover it if possible? If there isn't any way to recover it i would gladly take a save thats around the 2nd or 3rd region (i just beat the arcanine before i lost the save).

Here is my save folder:


Corrupted save.rar

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Looking at `main` in a hex editor, the beginning and end appear properly encrypted, but the majority of the data is plaintext junk.

Nothing can be recovered from your attached data.

Regarding using another save: 

These games aren't that much of a toil; just spend the few hours blazing up to where you left off.


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