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i've using PkHeX for quite some times and i can say it is an excellent tool. Recently i discovered PKHaX which from what i read, it can further hacking our pokemon data like changing its nature, and IV hack, etc. I tried to run the PKHaX by turn it into "True" which i give an example below ( please note that i didn't create a PkHaX.bat file )


After booting up the HaX i can freely change the pokemon's ability, in this case i change the Scizor's ability into technician, so my question is this truly a legal pokemon or the PKHaX just labeling it as legal? this actually kinda bother me for some reasons, is there any ways to disable the HaX after using it? 


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PKHaX just hides the legality check indication, shows all abilities (instead of filtering and updating the bits), and allows manual stat entry instead of automatic stat calculation.

It's only really useful when trying to edit ROM hack save files (unsupported) or making dumb hacks like Wonder Guard stuff.

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