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Pokemon Red Corrupted .Sav File - Recoverable?


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Hey all!

I'm wondering if anyone might have the expertise to confirm a suspicion I have/point me in the right direction about my Pokemon Red .sav file.

Long story short, a couple of months ago I purchased a Benn Venn cartridge dumper to download my 20-year-old-ish Pokemon Red .sav file (attached). I checked that the internal battery was still holding the save before ordering it, but annoyingly when I went to dump the rom 2 weeks later, I got the "The save file is destroyed!" wording. Savage timing.

Looking at the file through a hex editor I can see that there's some information still there, but looks fairly muddled in places, i.e. my trainer name has certain characters replaced with "A" and my Pokemon are pretty glitchy (stats/moves not all making sense - conveniently did some filming of my gameboy a while back so have the correct stats from some of my party to compare against). I am assuming that during the two weeks, the battery lost charge briefly (either dodgy connection/just end of life) and corrupted some of the data.

Some things I've done so far:

-Fixed the checksum on the corrupted file - can load the game but it's horribly broken/player can't move.

-Cracked open a hex editor and had a look at the file structure, with help from the save data structure wiki from Bulpapedia. It seems like in places data has shifted or been replaced randomly. I'm not that familiar with binary though so it may be I don't know enough to make sense of it.

-Used the SRAM glitch to bring my party pokemon over to a new save - worked, but they're pretty glitchy and missing some stats/moves.

-Opened the file in PKHex (weirdly had to amend the party number in a hex editor to get PKHex to recognise it), but much like the above, the pokemon are pretty glitchy.

So my question is, does anybody know if there is any way to recover a file in this state? I'd love to get the save back if possible, but equally I'm keen to get my Pokemon out if possible. If it's not possible, I'll take what I can get from the file and transfer the slightly glitchy nostalgia over to a new save!

Thanks in advance if anybody is able to help!


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Appreciate you looking at it! I didn't realise you could force load a file via PKHex - I had been tweaking the binary to get it to recognise it!

I'm a bit at a loss to understand what happened, I've cleaned the cartridge multiple times to try and get a clean read. I'm beginning to think something might have happened to the SRAM when the cart was dumped the first time.

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