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romhack A question for scripting in SoulSilver


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Hello guys. This is my first post, and I'm very new to script. So, I want some help from you all.


Question: What is a "CommonScript"

I think this command should be related to some events/stories tbh. For example, "CommonScript 2036" and "CommonScript 2038" in script#1 of a Script File 842. (First ever event on overworld)

It's the actual thing, see below

Script 1:
    Movement Player Action#1
    Movement Overworld.0 Action#2
    CommonScript 2036
    WaitTime 30 0x800C
    Movement Overworld.0 Action#3
    TextPlayerName 0
    GenderMessage 0 1
    SetFlag 283
    PlaySound 1418
    Message 2
    SetFlag 284
    PlaySound 1418
    Message 3
    SetFlag 285
    PlaySound 1418
    Message 4
    SetFlag 286
    PlaySound 1418
    Message 5
    WaitTime 15 0x800C
    Movement Overworld.0 Action#4
    CommonScript 2038
    SetVar 0x4106 1



As you see, after those two movements ended, a script will run "CommonScript 2036" obviously.

And at the top of the bottom four line does "CommonScript 2038".

Of course, I tried these commands for original event script but...It hasn't been worked. Now I have absolutely no idea how are they working.


Anyway, thank you for watching my dodgy english writing and teeching me everything what you know😃



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