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Blue Man Group [OU RMT]

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252 HP / 40 DEF / 216 SPE


Sand Veil

-Stealth Rock




Oh no! Not a Smogon set! Yes, and you'll be seeing quite a few of them in this RMT. Gliscor is my lead, and his job is to stop the foe from using SR with Taunt, then proceed to set up SR of its own to secure KOs for my sweepers. Roost provides reliable recovery while turning Gliscor's 4x Ice weakness into simply 2x. Earthquake provides STAB, wears down/finishes off attackers, and makes it so I am not walled by Taunt. Gliscor is great to come back lategame as well, to stop the opponent's Skarmory/Forretress/etc. from setting up on me.



188 HP / 252 DEF / 68 SpD


Water Absorb




-Ice Beam / Toxic

Vappy here is my Wish passer. More Smogon, but with an EV modification. Because I have no official special wall, I have shifted the SPE EVs into SpD to help Vappy take special hits better. Wish is fabulous for my team, especially Salamence. If Gliscor fails to stop the opponent from setting up SR, Vappy will help heal Salamence from that annoying residual damage. Protect is used for Wish healing, along with scouting. Surf is basic STAB. Ice Beam lets me deal with the foe's possible Salamence, while Toxic + Wish + Protect = STALLIN'!



252 HP / 252 DEF / 4 SPE




-Sleep Talk

-Calm Mind


Absolutely the most annoying Suicune EVER. This Suicune takes physical hits like they're nothing. Rest, Sleep Talk, Calm Mind, and Surf. Although you're limited to only one move, don't doubt this Suicune. Its only real counter is Vaporeon, and with a few CMs under its belt, it can rip through everything other than it.


Lucario@Life Orb

252 ATK / 4 DEF / 252 SPE


Inner Focus

-Swords Dance

-Close Combat


-Stone Edge / Crunch


Lucario@Life Orb

252 SpA / 4 DEF / 252 SPE


Inner Focus

-Calm Mind

-HP Ice / Aura Sphere

-Vacuum Wave

-Shadow Ball

Let's see. Here's the choice: the most standard most predictable Lucario in existence, OR, a custom CM Lucario. Because SD Lucario is just so Smogon, I'm too lazy to explain it.

Now, Calm Mind Lucario. First off we have the item choice of Life Orb. This is quite obvious, as it gives a nice power boost to all of my attacks. The EVs and nature are very simple; maximize speed and SpA. Calm Mind is Calm Mind. I am a bit shaky about this set, as running two CMers on a team can be a bit weird. Vacuum Wave helps compensate for Lucario's less-than-great base 90 speed stat. Shadow Ball pairs perfectly with Vacuum Wave. HP Ice hits Salamence, Gliscor and friends for a large amount of damage. However, if the low powre of Vacuum Wave is offputting, the powerful Aura Sphere make take place of HP Ice. When set up, either of these Lucarios can shred their way through weakened teams.


Heracross@Choice Scarf

252 ATK / 4 DEF / 252 SPE




-Close Combat

-Stone Edge

-Night Slash

ScarfCross. My #1 revenge killer. This thing annhilates most that don't resist it, and even some that do. Megahorn and Close Combat are my main STAB moves, with Stone Edge handling Flyers and the like while Night Slash nails Ghosts. I can't say much more about it, other than how great it is.


Salamence@Life Orb

16 ATK / 240 SpA / 252 SPE



-Draco Meteor

-Fire Blast



It smashes walls, it crushes sweepers, and its only enemy is residual damage: Salamence. This Salamence can come in - early or late game - and wreck havoc. It will shred its way through Blissey, Skarmory, Hippowdon, Gliscor, Regi-ice/rock/steel; just about every wall you can think of has to think twice about coming in on Salamence. I have no more to say other than that this Salamence will, in fact, sweep your entire team if you lack the proper Pokemon and moves.



Kingdra@Life Orb

252 Atk / 24 SpA / 232 Spe


Swift Swim

- Dragon Dance

- Waterfall

- Outrage

- Hydro Pump / Draco Meteor

To answer your question on this Kingdra yes it is another Smogon set. But besides that, I choose this as an alternative sweeper because of its physical attacking. I am torn between hydro pump and draco meteor on this one though. Draco meteor is risky because it lowers the SpA each use although it is a strong move it comes with a risk. With Hydro Pump it is just a strong water attack that doesn't mess with my pokemon's stats.

Please rate my team tell me what i should do with this kingdra. But that is all I have for now. Please help me make one of my best teams ever.

'Til Next Time See Ya.


Photos from Arkeis.com

P.S. Im not good at making threat lists and am not even gonna bother.

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