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Can anyone help me trading gen 8 japanese events to switch?


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Hi guys, sorry for the trouble. I'm new in this forum, but I entered for a reason. I mostly collect event pokemons, but, as you can imagine, I can´t get access to some hard to get japanese event mons.

I imagine that any of you can hack some mons into the switch, like from gen 8. 

If possible, could I kindly ask you to put some event mons into the switch and trade with me? 


The files are even on the site: 

0301 PLA - プロポチャ Piplup.wa8

0203 BDSP - プロポチャ Piplup.wb8

0138 BDSP - Poké Center Happiny.wb8732 B · 0 downloads

0138 PLA - Poké Center Happiny.wa8712 B · 0 downloads

0138 SWSH - Poké Center Happiny (1).wc8720 B · 0 downloads

0801 PLA - Teresa Roca Hisuian Growlithe.wa8712 B · 0 downloads

It would really mean a lot to me.  Either way, thanks for the attention. I would really apreciate the help.
If I posted this in the wrong forum, pls let me know. Thanks again.

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