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Can't activate the Dakrai event in Brilliant Diamond (Version 1.3.0)

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I tried activating the Shaymin and Dakrai event on my BD save file, while Shaymin works perfectly fine, the house in Canalave City is still shut.

I also tried manually editing the flags back to 0 and 1 and add the members card item in my key slot, but that also did not work.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to unlock this event?



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39 minutes ago, Atrius97 said:

You have to complete the Cresselia event first. Many players are not aware of this and complain before looking at the typical ingame requirements.

Are you sure you've met the ingame requirements, PKHeX aside?

I did not know i had to do Cresselia no! I saved that event to shiny hunt in the future. Thank you so much for pointing this out! :)

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