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how to convert pcdata.bin to ascii?

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Hi, I'm interested to convert the pcdata.bin file to a readable ascii-/txt-file. I first thought that normal online converter would be able to do the job, but it didn't work (tried on several websites). The pcdata-file seems to be a special (bin-)file. Are there any ways to convert this file into ascii? Are there converters out there suited for the file-type?

My overall goal is to create a google doc which contains all the information of my extremly large Pokémon collection. Since these pokémon are stored on many different games, I came up with the idea of writting myself a custom script to sort the information of each pokémon accordingly. The so created file would be used to generate a google doc. Having a semi-automated way to create a google doc would save me an immense amount of time.

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56 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

pcdata.bin comes from PKHeX, and PKHeX has a report window that shows everything and can export to csv. Is that not sufficient?

Hi, I totally missed this option. A csv file is a great solution for me. Thanks for mentioning it (:

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