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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Wonder Records (.wrb8 files)

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Hello dear Project Pokémon community! I wanted to know if it is within the possibility for anybody to share BDSP wonder records with me? I would need the .wrb8 files so I could insert them in my save file.

I started playing BDSP at the end of February 2022 and I missed the Manaphy Egg, the Platinum Outfit, and the 5 Statues that were given on Christmas (I don't know if I can get those statues through normal gameplay). I have a Manaphy my friend gave me, but I would love to have the wonder record.

So if anybody could share those wonder records with me I would appreciate it a lot sincerely. Hopefully this is possible! Thank you for reading this and have all a great day!

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As a note to anyone who wants to contribute wrb8 files, do know that there are trash data that seems to occur inconsistently in those files, and their purpose, nor where they come from, are not understood at this time. So if you do wanna share them, do so at your own risk.

Alternatively OP can wait for a WB8 -> WRB8 update to be finalized in the plugin.

Also, as a final word: wrb8 doesn't affect ones gameplay in any way. They are purely cosmetic. Just thought I should point this out.

Cheers all.

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