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Pokemon Yellow Save Isn't Recognized by PKHEX

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I recently grabbed my Yellow save via the Retrode for preservation purposes and I was thinking about transferring some of my mons from there to a Gen 4 save, but PKHEX just doesn't want to accept it. From what I understand, this error tends to pop up most often when something isn't recognized as a save, or something is very wrong, which isn't looking very good.


For context, when I got the game by weird circumstance as a kid, I found a Youtube series abusing glitches in the games to get wacky results. Stuff like merging Pokemon, and the convoluted way to get Missingno in Yellow. I fear this is too much glitching now though. The save plays fine on emulator and original hardware still, but PKHEX gives me this.

Hoping I'm just dumb and/or ignorant, though I feel this might be practically unsalvageable. Any help on what's wrong here?

Yellow Save (Sorry I didn't upload directly to the site, I couldn't find an option in the post formatting UI)

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It looks like you had multiple glitch pokemon in your boxes. After withdrawing the glitched starter Pikachu into party slot 6 (cannot be released, since it behaves as a starter Pikachu) and deleting several others until the boxes appeared no longer glitched/didn't contain any remaining glitch pokemon, the save loads:
Chances are PKHeX just had trouble reading your boxes with all the garbage data that was there.

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