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Wisps collection (PLA)

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I have problems with the wisp collecting as I have five remaining wisps in the obsidian fields and have searched 5 separate times with a guide and they do not appear.

Is it possible to add a checklist to collect the wisps like the cells/stickers in sun, ultra sun/moon, ultra moon.

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I did tests regarding Wisps a few months ago, just never cared enough to share in more detail.

Relevant vanish flags for Wisps:

4B00CEE3583A3B52	MKRG_ID_001
4B00CDE3583A399F	MKRG_ID_002
4B00CCE3583A37EC	MKRG_ID_003
4B00CBE3583A3639	MKRG_ID_004
4B00CAE3583A3486	MKRG_ID_005
4B00C9E3583A32D3	MKRG_ID_006
4B00C8E3583A3120	MKRG_ID_007
4B00D7E3583A4A9D	MKRG_ID_008
4B00D6E3583A48EA	MKRG_ID_009
4AFD49E35837237C	MKRG_ID_010
4AFD4AE35837252F	MKRG_ID_011
4AFD4BE3583726E2	MKRG_ID_012
4AFD4CE358372895	MKRG_ID_013
4AFD45E358371CB0	MKRG_ID_014
4AFD46E358371E63	MKRG_ID_015
4AFD47E358372016	MKRG_ID_016
4AFD48E3583721C9	MKRG_ID_017
4AFD51E358373114	MKRG_ID_018
4AFD52E3583732C7	MKRG_ID_019
4B075BE3583F9697	MKRG_ID_020
4B075AE3583F94E4	MKRG_ID_021
4B075DE3583F99FD	MKRG_ID_022
4B075CE3583F984A	MKRG_ID_023
4B0757E3583F8FCB	MKRG_ID_024
4B0756E3583F8E18	MKRG_ID_025
4B0759E3583F9331	MKRG_ID_026
4B0758E3583F917E	MKRG_ID_027
4B0753E3583F88FF	MKRG_ID_028
4B0752E3583F874C	MKRG_ID_029
4B0455E3583D568E	MKRG_ID_030
4B0456E3583D5841	MKRG_ID_031
4B0453E3583D5328	MKRG_ID_032
4B0454E3583D54DB	MKRG_ID_033
4B0459E3583D5D5A	MKRG_ID_034
4B045AE3583D5F0D	MKRG_ID_035
4B0457E3583D59F4	MKRG_ID_036
4B0458E3583D5BA7	MKRG_ID_037
4B044DE3583D48F6	MKRG_ID_038
4B044EE3583D4AA9	MKRG_ID_039
4AF357E3582EE6C1	MKRG_ID_040
4AF356E3582EE50E	MKRG_ID_041
4AF355E3582EE35B	MKRG_ID_042
4AF354E3582EE1A8	MKRG_ID_043
4AF35BE3582EED8D	MKRG_ID_044
4AF359E3582EEA27	MKRG_ID_046
4AF358E3582EE874	MKRG_ID_047
4AF34FE3582ED929	MKRG_ID_048
4AF34EE3582ED776	MKRG_ID_049
4AEFD1E3582BCD38	MKRG_ID_050
4AEFD3E3582BD09E	MKRG_ID_052
4AEFD4E3582BD251	MKRG_ID_053
4AEFD5E3582BD404	MKRG_ID_054
4AEFD6E3582BD5B7	MKRG_ID_055
4AEFD7E3582BD76A	MKRG_ID_056
4AEFD8E3582BD91D	MKRG_ID_057
4AEFCAE3582BC153	MKRG_ID_059
4AF9C3E3583409F3	MKRG_ID_060
4AF9C2E358340840	MKRG_ID_061
4AF9C5E358340D59	MKRG_ID_062
4AF9C4E358340BA6	MKRG_ID_063
4AF9C7E3583410BF	MKRG_ID_064
4AF9C6E358340F0C	MKRG_ID_065
4AF9C9E358341425	MKRG_ID_066
4AF9C8E358341272	MKRG_ID_067
4AF9CBE35834178B	MKRG_ID_068
4AF9CAE3583415D8	MKRG_ID_069
4AF65DE3583126CA	MKRG_ID_070
4AF65EE35831287D	MKRG_ID_071
4AF65BE358312364	MKRG_ID_072
4AF65CE358312517	MKRG_ID_073
4AF659E358311FFE	MKRG_ID_074
4AF65AE3583121B1	MKRG_ID_075
4AF657E358311C98	MKRG_ID_076
4AF658E358311E4B	MKRG_ID_077
4AF655E358311932	MKRG_ID_078
4AF656E358311AE5	MKRG_ID_079
4AE55FE35822B6FD	MKRG_ID_080
4AE55EE35822B54A	MKRG_ID_081
4AE55DE35822B397	MKRG_ID_082
4AE55CE35822B1E4	MKRG_ID_083
4AE55BE35822B031	MKRG_ID_084
4AE55AE35822AE7E	MKRG_ID_085
4AE559E35822ACCB	MKRG_ID_086
4AE558E35822AB18	MKRG_ID_087
4AE557E35822A965	MKRG_ID_088
4AE556E35822A7B2	MKRG_ID_089
4AE259E3582076F4	MKRG_ID_090
4AE25AE3582078A7	MKRG_ID_091
4AE25BE358207A5A	MKRG_ID_092
4AE25CE358207C0D	MKRG_ID_093
4AE255E358207028	MKRG_ID_094
4AE256E3582071DB	MKRG_ID_095
4AE257E35820738E	MKRG_ID_096
4AE258E358207541	MKRG_ID_097
4AE251E35820695C	MKRG_ID_098
4AE252E358206B0F	MKRG_ID_099
439DB4E35467A41A	MKRG_ID_100
439DB5E35467A5CD	MKRG_ID_101
439DB2E35467A0B4	MKRG_ID_102
439DB3E35467A267	MKRG_ID_103
439DB0E354679D4E	MKRG_ID_104
439DB1E354679F01	MKRG_ID_105
439DAEE3546799E8	MKRG_ID_106
439DAFE354679B9B	MKRG_ID_107
439DACE354679682	MKRG_ID_108

Toggling those flags will toggle the visibility of each Wisp in the overworld, but that doesn't actually have any effect on what can be reported to Vessa.

KWispsFoundArea0* all take values ranging from 0-20 (7 for Area00 -- Jubilife Village), while KWispsFoundTotal is how many you've found across all of Hisui, and KWispsReported is how many Wisps have been reported to Vessa (both range from 0-107).

A cheat to make it to the end of the Spiritomb request would be:
• Set the first 107 vanish flags (MKRG_ID_001, MKRG_ID_002, ... ... MKRG_ID_107) to Bool2 (true)
• Set KWispsFoundArea00 to 7
• Set KWispsFoundArea01-05 to 20
• Set KWispsFoundTotal to 107

Talking to Vessa in-game would then allow you to advance the request to its final section, where you can find the 108th Wisp in the Crimson Mirelands to encounter Spiritomb and finish the request.

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