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PKHex Pokemon Stadium 2 save issue


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Hello there!
I have been trying to get Pokemon Stadium 2 to load up into PKHex, but have been encountering issues.
When I try loading up my dumped Pokemon Stadium 2 save (I have tried other saves with similar issues) it gives me an error saying it is unsupported.
I have looked into the issue but it seems that this save should be compatible. It is 131072 bytes in size which I believe is correct.
I tried with an old save I had found on my pc from years and it works, but I do not fully understand why it works while this current one does not.
The old one that works is: 
Pokemon Stadium 2 (U) [!].fla
The new one (I am trying to get to work): PokemonStadium2.NP3E.fla
If anyone has any idea why this is happening please let me know.

Edit: Here is the error it gives me:


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1 hour ago, RagingMagikarp said:

I'm having the exact same problem with Pokemon Stadium 1. The save works completely fine on my real N64 hardware, Project64 emulator, and Retroarch using the Mupen and Parallei cores.

Pokemon Stadium (USA) (Rev 2).srm 290 kB · 0 downloads

PKHeX does not support save states, which are full captures of the system RAM. srm is the saved/system RAM, not a battery file.

PKHeX supports save files, which are data dumps saved so that the session can be resumed from a powered off state (not save states).

(why not? Save States can vary wildly in composition between emulators and even paired versions like Black/White. They are sometimes compressed with different algorithms, or are just raw dumps. PKHeX cannot support this, when sav files are the standard).


see - 


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That is, in this case, incorrect, Kaphotics. Retroarch mupen64 uses the .srm file extension, but it is not a save state - it's the cartridge save file bundled together with four controller pak saves. https://github.com/drehren/ra_mp64_srm_convert has a tool that can extract them, and when I do that it loads in pkhex fine (All your boxes are empty and there's teams registered for Anything Goes and Poké Cup, correct?)

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