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What is your favourite piece of Pokémon trivia that you feel isn't commonly known?


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When one gets investigative, you find that there's little tidbits of information that make you go "Huh, I feel like I should have known that." and you quiz other Pokéfans on it and they've got no clue either, despite how obviously awesome knowing it is. Well, here you go; this is somewhere you can blow other Pokéfans minds https://tweakbox.mobi/ https://tutuappx.com/ https://getappvalley.com/ with your 'obscure' trivia about different Pokémon.

As an example, here's two of mine:

Giratina, upon changing from Altered Forme to Origin Forme, is the only Pokémon that gets LIGHTER upon getting taller.

Excluding Ultra Beasts, Lapras is the heaviest non-Legendary Pokémon without a preceding or succeeding evolution or form

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