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Graal The Adventure!

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Hey guys, It's Fuji.

Before I say anything really I want everyone to know: THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I assume everyone here has no idea what this game is..I guess the best way to describe it is that it's very simialar to Zelda: A link to the Past, but very different as well. It's a fun, unique MMO game server. I say server because the actual game is called Graal Reborn (website www.graal.in) with many player hosted servers, or, playerworlds. I'm the manager and hoster of this server: Graal The Adventure.

It's the most complete server available to players right now, since it is a rehash of the original server that was around back in 2004-2005. It's mostly rooted in PK'ing and Questing.

It has a huge overworld, tonss of quests, many events and cool items to find/ buy. It's actually really addicting, and with a bigger community it can be even better.

As of now we have around 6-7 players online max...pretty sad..I'm hoping to post here to get many more people to log on and join the community.

How do I play?

1. First your gonna need the game client, go here: http://ifile.it/akoctjy/graal_reborn.zip

to download it.

NOTE: The default client we use is Graal 2.22.

Only use Graal 2.171 on servers that have Build 66 in their version (check from the server list or here).

2. Once you have the game client downloaded, your gonna need an account name and password.

Follow these simple steps precisely and you'll have no problems.

Step 1: go to http://forums.graal.in/forums/index.php

Step 2: Register on the forums, remember: YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT NAME IS YOUR GAME LOGIN NAME.


When you sign up for the forums. Your player account isn't registered for the server list.

(So if you try to log in without creating your server list account. You get an error message. "Account Name or password is invalid.")

So log into the forums, go into your User CP.

Scroll down to the "Manage Graal Account" section. (It's at the very bottom basically.)

Click Add/Change Password.

Now just type in the new password in the first box.

In the second retype the password. Click save changes.

Now you are done! You should be able to log into the game with your Forum ID (NOT your email) and the password you supplied. Have fun!

Once you log into the game with your account and you are looking at the serverlist, click the 'classic' tab and double click 'Graal The Adventure' Thats my server! If you have any questions or comments just post here and I'll try to help!


If you enjoy it, tell your friends, the more people we have to make a community, the funner the game is!

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If your a complete newb to graal don't worry, the graal reborn website has tons of tutorials to help you out. The server Graal The Adventure also has an in-depth newbie course to help players get familiarized with the controls and mechanics, such as customizing the look of your player! (Which I might add there are literally thousands and thousands of heads, swords, shields, bodies, and hats you can use).

Also, due to the immense amount of quests, items and secrets on Graal The Adventure, a help site is available to act as sort of a walkthrough or strategy guide through nearly every quest on the server. The site is located here: http://www.zaloris.net/timemutt/

Also, the server is always being updated by yours truly, fixing levels and scripts, and working on new quests. The game is very much for the community by the community, so once you familiarize yourself with how to make levels and script NPCS, you might wanna help me out and work for the server!

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