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Which Phone Do You Have?


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I've had several:

Sony Ericsson. (can't remember product)

Nokia 2118.

Nokia 7370 swivel.

Samsung SGH-J700V.

Nokia 6288.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

Sony Ericsson W910i.

Yeah i agree the iPhone is not really that great, my brother has owned it, and he practically hated it, txting was weird, camera was low quality, and poor call clarity, and sound, plus the horrible battery, it's more of a toy.

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That one with the slidy QWERTY keyboard reminds me of the Sidebrick--I mean, Sidekick II. Those are ugg-lee. Seriously.

I love and will always cherish my Sony Ericsson W595. It's small, sleek and colourful. Nice sound, nice battery life, very nice interface.


and the colours available :3


I originally had the touch screen W950i. What a piece of garbage, honestly.

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