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Possibility of getting a legal square shiny Landorus in SWSH


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Hey there. I'm trying to make a square shiny Landorus in SWSH. I know that all the shiny pokemon from Max Lair is locked to be star shiny. So I tried to make one with USUM being the origin game. However, I got two same warnings of "Invalid: Incorrectly transferred from previous generation". I want to know if there is a fix with that or it is just impossible to make it legal with PKHEX only (I do not have a 3DS with me right now so I cannot transfer it through Home)

I've attached the file in pk8 and a screen shot of the warnings if that is helpful.


645-01 ★ - Landorus - 44F50AD5AEEA.pk8

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1 hour ago, theSLAYER said:

To clarify, the datapoint HT/WT doesn't exist in USUM. And HOME doesn't add data to it when you transfer up.

Thanks for the clarification! I've tried to modify HT/WT before and that didn't work. Probably because I wasn't changing them in a correct way. 

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