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SwSh Switch: Change Popplio's gender to female and more edits


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My request is quite simple, I think. I'd like to have a Pokémon edited that's on my Switch game Pokémon Sword. It's about a self-caught shiny Popplio, which I prefer to have changed into a female. While we're at it, I would appreciate it if it's possible to change it a bit too, into the following to be precise (see bold for changes):

Pokemon Species: Primarina
Held Item: Dream Ball
Level: 100
Ability: as is (Torrent)
Nickname (If wanted): as is
Trainer ID (If specific): as is
Secret ID (If specific): as is
Shiny (Yes or No): as is (YES)
Egg (Yes or No): as is (NO)
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Pokérus Status: None
Pokéball Captured In: as is (Heal Ball)
EV Stats: 4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
IV Stats: as is
Ribbons (If any): None
Location/Date Met: as is
Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): -
Friend Code (If Trading): -

Note: I'd like to trade my Popplio to you first, so that you can load it up and edit is, then  have it traded back to me when it's ready, from Switch to Switch - if possible.

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If you have access to a PC i'd suggest to find a Discord server that hosts a Sysbot, so you can easily dump your own Pokèmon, make the edits you need and get it back to your game via a bot-trade.

In case you need some assistance with the use of sysbots, here's the post we have in our discord:


Hi there, this isn't a genning nor trading server. :3
If you need something sent to you in Gen 8, consider going to PKHeX Development Project server (https://discord.gg/4CftGWjuvk) for more details on sysbots servers.

As a reminder, their server DON'T host sysbots. You use it to browse and find one. Don't post trade commands there.

Sysbot can be really easy to use. Send the command in the Discord chat, upload the PK8, and the Sysbot will trade it to your game via Locked trade. :3

Reminder: We are not affiliated to any of the sysbot servers recommended.
Generate a legal PK8, then get the sysbot to trade it to you.
Do know that new events (at the time of you trying), may not be tradable to you.
Do not ask us about the issues on said servers. As said, we are not affiliated to them.
Happy trading! :3


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