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Gen 6 Footprint Ribbon Question


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The Footprint Ribbon requires your PM increase at least 30 levels in current game since you and your PM first meet.

After I transferred PM from previous gen, and the system seems consider the level PM transferred at my hand as their first meet levels with me, instead of how low level they were captured in their original game

In other words, if a PM from previous Gen without Footprint Ribbon, and already reached lv 71 or higher, it will have no more chance to gain Footprint Ribbon legitimately at current, right?

Also, my question is if I trade my PM whose OT is me and trade them out then trade back, would the game consider their current level as their "first meet level", or still remember the very beginning level?

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Past Gen 5, the met level does not change. It only changes between Gen3, 4, and 5 due to transfer (which sets the met level to the level it was transferred at). Transferring from Gen 5 upwards does not change the met level anymore, it is stored as is and (so far) does not change. This goes for trading as well, the met level is the one on the second tab in PKHeX and it does not change from trading to someone else.

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