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Gen 4 - Pokémon Pokéathlon Stats and other stuff

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Hi everyone!

I'm on a special project of creating all pokémons and their variations (Male-Normal, Male-Shiny, Female-Normal and Female-Shiny) with their "best" builds (done by me) and maximum stats on all generations (and saving them all in individual files), and after being done with Gen 3, 4 and 5 with PKHeX, I'm now working in Gen 1 and 2.

I don't really care about legality since their purpose is for just some "casual" fun with friends, not online nor anything else, I'll be lending my games for them, so they'll also be into it fully aware.

Only now have I realized that there appears to be no way, be it in PKHeX or PKGen or any other editor, to edit an individual pokémon's pokéathlon stats or anything related to Pokéathlon for that matter, and for someone who desires to have all pokémons with max stats and MAX% all Pokémon games in the near future, that really is bothering me.

I know the stats are saved in the specific pokémon, despite being a lot of variables out of a editor's control such as current day that also affects the stats somewhat, and I believe that the medals and records are saved in the save, since the medals go for the species of the winner pokémon and records are just records.

Is there anyway, in October of 2021, to edit these things, in preference as a PKHeX plugin or any way that I can edit a bunch of .pk4 files in bulk like I can in the PKHeX batch editor?

Or is someone at least working on a way? Because I must say I'm quite surprised the after 11 years there appears to be no editor for that...

Either way,
Thank you all for your attention!

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