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Trying to get a save file with checkpoint on 3DS


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Hello Everybody,


I tried to not bother you with this process but i finally need help.


I'm trying to get the save file from :

  into my 3ds without success.

I tried with checkpoint and jksm following all steps ( creating backup + transfering main file with out extension)

I checked and there's only one file ( hidden folder enable)

My file name is : main

But once i get into Pokemon USun , it's says file corrupted..

I tried also to delete secure value with JKSM before and after adding new save but same error.

Does somebody have an idee ? 

Thank you in advance

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13 hours ago, prinz said:

Hey sry for the delay. 


Please find it attached.

main 435 kB · 2 downloads


Yup, the save size is truncated.


The error was caused by your FTP, when transferring save to PC via FTP -> if you were using FileZilla, change the setting to use binary transfer mode instead of ascii.
(Other FTPs probably have a similar setting.)

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