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Hi and where can I upload my original german 1st gen mew??


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I'm new here for I wanted to share my save or whatever file, containing my legit 1st generation german mew (From the distribution 2000 or so in Bremen Germany, Trainer ID 00230, OT HAMBURG). 

After I lost my first one on my silver version to an empty battery I prayed for my yellow one, containing my other mew, not to fail and ordered a submodule gb01. Meanwhile I saved that Mew on a newly bought battery swapped Blue version and finally on my newly bought n64 stadium 2. 

Finally the submodule gb01 arrived today after months of delay and I was able to create the save, containing the mew. 

So my question would be, where ist the best location to upload the file? should I edit the save and somehow extract the pokemon? or do I simply upload the save file?


Thanks and cheers!

mew emulator.png

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