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General question regarding HT/WT box in PKHEX.


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I've tried searching but can't really find a direct answer. Did find one post that said to just add any value between 0-255 for both boxes (and make them different) but what I would like to understand is if that value matters for each species or not. I notice when i play around with each box the ranges will change to S/AV etc. Is 200 for a Quagsire the same as 200 for a Lopunny, for example? Or does that get calculated differently for each mon and I should just go off small, average, large etc? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I'm still learning how to use the program. I think I read somewhere that I could basically put anything in but that post got almost no response, so idk if that is good info or not. Thanks for the help.

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There is no species-specific height/weight calculation for SWSH.  Height and weight do not necessarily need to be correlated either; any height and weight combination for a given species can be generated by some specific case of the RNG.  There are tall/thin Lopunny, tall/fat Lopunny, short/thin Lopunny, and short/fat Lopunny.

Height and weight are triangularly distributed, which means middle values are more common than extremely small or large values.

PKHeX only enforces height and weight for a few SWSH cases like overworld encounters (fishing, grass, overworld legends) and HOME events that are forced to have 0 height and weight.  You can pretty much put any values for most encounters otherwise.

PoGO encounters do have some correlation between height and weight that is not well described and not at all enforced.  (Light mons tend to be short mons and heavy mons tend to be tall mons.)

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