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SWSH - Rental Team Codes, and the mons from within.


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Only interested in Rental Teams that were posted via official sources.
To read the .bin files, just drag the file into the PC of PKHeX.

This post is unrelated to the debate surrounding genning and whatnot. Purely for documentation.

Any team analysis posted is taken from Kaphotic's twitter. It would be linked as source.
The text posted is just a TL;DR summary. If ypu want proper context, check the images in the respectively sourced tweet.

Pokémon Korea Spring Tournament


Source: https://www.pokemonkorea.co.kr/spring_single

Note: the code doesn't appear to work. Doesn't say no team found or give confirmation.  XX is likely a placeholder.


25th Invitationals (2021)


Wolfe's Player Cup 2 Rental Team
Team was shown but code not given. Code taken from earlier VOD.



wolfe player cup 2.bin

Team Analysis:
- Galarian Moltres was hacked, impossible overworld RNG values, have bad memory general-location


Arash Ommati's 25th Invitational Rental Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (31:54)



Team Analysis:
- Not outright illegal, but draws suspicion: All that are not shiny locked are shiny, flawless IVs with 0 bottle caps used (this includes legendaries), and stopped at 508 EVs (not 510)
- Nihilego, despite being transferred from Generation 7, has no HOME tracker.
- Urshifu has an invalid memory with the OT, where it remembers knowing Moonblast, a move it cannot learn.
- Comparing party members, the Rillaboom and Incineroar have identical met dates, original natures, height, weight, memories, friendship (106, not 160).

- Regieleki and Calyrex have the same shared data between them two. This indicates that both sets mentioned are modified together.
- While not outright illegal, another suspicious point: Pokémon that can relearn a move because it is in their learnset, have the same moved checked for TR purposes. (Incineroar and Flare Blitz, Nihilego and Power Gem)

- Both Regieleki and Calyrex have 5 IVs that are 31, and 0 ATK IVs. The odds of getting both of these on the same Met Day, and with one being shiny, is infeasible. IVs are randomly rolled, then randomly bumped up to having at least 3 flawless IVs. (regi 1:4trillion odds -dream?)



Naoto Mizobuchi's 25th Invitational Rental Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (33:34)



Team Analysis:
- no issues found with this team (at this point)



Wolfe's 25th Invitational Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (36:55)



Team Analysis:
- With this specific Groudon being a Max Lair encounter, its RNG seed can be reversed traced. All the data except Speed matches the values generated from the seed, indicated the Speed IV was hacked to become 0.
- Incineroar appears innocent, but knowing how Height & Weight are generated (triangular distribution), having 0 for both is 1:272,646,144, excluding shininess. Including shininess would be 1:139 billion. Omitting a Height & Weight is a common mistake when fabricating data.
If the statistical odds of Incineroar are unconvincing, there's also issue with the OT Name. Trainer names should not have data at the end of the string, but Incineroar has underlying trash of [?TV]. Could it be modified from a Mitsuki.TV distribution (known giveaway example)



Paul's 25th Invitational Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (1:16:12)



Note: The team was deleted, so the code provided does not share the team.



Paul claims that he deleted his team by mistake.

Normally, non-officially shared teams would be ignored.


Team Analysis:
- Anything that appears legal shall be taken with a grain of salt; any illegalities could have been ironed out for the sake of the new upload.



Renzo's 25th Invitational Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (1:51:07)



Team Analysis:
- Stakataka has invalid memory (it knew Drill Peck)
- Stakataka appears to have no RNG seed that matches all its details perfectly
- The non-legendaries are all mutated from the same source, having the same dates and Height & Weight values. They even have the same OT memory
- Regieleki is a 0 Height & Weight Shiny with flawless IVs with 0 ATK. (~1:10^21 odds).



Ryota's 25th Invitational Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (3:35:46)



Team Analysis:
- no issues found with this team (at this point)



Santino's 25th Invitational Team
Source: Event Stream/VOD (4:11:10)



Team Analysis:
- Tornadus came from an event that could only be received on Pokémon White, but it has Black as its origin game.
- The details that match the event could not be received on an English game, but the original language set is English.




Global Exhibition (2021)


Renzo's Player Cup IV's Team
The only code shown for Day 1. Source: Event VOD




Team analysis:
- Landorus and Stakataka has same invalid memory (that it knew Drill Peck at one point)
- Landorus, Stakataka, and Tapu Fini, has no RNG seed correlation, despite being Max Lair Pokémon.
- Regieleki, with the insane (10^21) odds, was captured on the same date as the Invitational Regieleki... in a different ball & PID/EC.
- Amoonguss and Incineroar were bred on the same date as the Invitational team's counterparts, and sharing the same Height & Weight between these 2 and Tapu Fini (being 120/69).
- Amoonguss, Incineroar and Tapu Fini lack nickname trash bytes (not illegal, just fishy).
- Moltres isn't outright illegal. It just looks suspicious that it happened to stop directly at 508 EVs.



Gentle reminder:
Using of hacked Pokémon in competitions is frowned upon on our site. On top of being against our rules, it is also against the rules of official tourneys.
If you're caught using hacked Pokémon, even if it was given to you by someone else, you're responsible for it.


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