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Explorers of Memories - Official Demo v.1.2 (Update Post 3/17/2023)


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Explorers of Memories Official Demo v.1.2

Explorers of Memories is a romhack where the protagonist never lost their memories, and this effects the story in many ways causing events to never happen or making events happen earlier than they should. However, this is not a retelling of the original story, instead it is a brand-new story with elements of the original. This should be played after you finished the original sky as it spoils many things. Chapters 1-9 are currently completed as of this demo. This patch is for US versions of the game and works with Xenophobia and Clean roms.




This is Shammywolf363, and I wanted to provide you all with a progress update on Explorers of Memories. I am very sorry for the lack of posting; things were very hectic last year. From family health issues, completing my internship so I can graduate from college, and losing two months of progress on EoM as I had to copy and rebuild on the demo I released last year! However, the wait is over, and I wanted to tell you all that a new update will be released in two months!

Here are some of the things it contains so far:

  • Starter stat rebalancing
  • Chapters 10-11 finished
  • New Dungeons
  • Dungeon rebalancing
  • Various bugs and text fixes
  • And much more!

QoL Changes:

  • Beginner Tips are disabled!                                               
  • Experience Share has been added! Once your Team gains experience in Dungeons any backup Pokemon will also gain 80% of the experience as well
  • You can now choose the starter you want.
  • You and your partner can now be the same type/species!
  • Move shortcuts have been added so you can now use shortcuts like in GTI, Super, and DX.
  • Evolution Glitch has been fixed, so now characters with 10 letters can evolve.
  • Text Speed is faster.
  • You can now control your teammates in Dungeons after pressing Start. To disable this once its activated press Start when it is the Leader's turn.

Starter Changes:

  • Phanphy has been removed as a starter/partner choice
  • Ralts, Misdreavus, and  Buneary are new starters/partners
  • Abra and Misdreavus are new starters; however, Abra is Male only while Misdreavus is Female only
  • Eevee and Riolu can now be chosen regardless of gender
  • Ralts line base stats have been reduced since it is a starter/partner now (HP 25, Atk 4, Sp. Atk 4, Def. 4, Sp. Def 4)
  • Buneary line base stats have been reduced since it is a starter/partner now (HP 24, Atk 4, Sp. Atk 3, Def. 5, Sp. Def 5)
  • Abra line base stats have been reduced since it is a starter now (HP 23, Atk 4, Sp. Atk 4, Def. 4, Sp. Def 4).
  • Misdreavus line base stats have been reduced since it is a starter now (HP 24, Atk 4, Sp. Atk 4, Def. 3, Sp. Def 3)
  • Chikorita base stats (evolutions included) and stats have been increased
  • Torchic and Eevee along with their evolutions stats have been increased
  • All new starters and partners have their stats changed to match the growth of the other starters/partners
  • Starter/Partner Moveset changes are in a separate document

Ability Changes:

  • All Enemies have their hidden abilities if they have them and they do not have two abilities already (and it doesn't break early game). If the evolution has a hidden ability, but the pre-evolution does not then the pre-evolution will also get the hidden ability. Hidden Abilities are only given to Pokemon if they are released and can be legitimately found on that Pokemon.
  • All Starters and their evolutions have two abilities if they did not have two abilities before
  • Most of the abilities added to the starters are based on their hidden ability (if available/not broken) or community feedback
  • Some hidden Abilities that damage the Pokemon, such as Solar Power, are not added to starters, but instead to their evolutions
  • Starter abilities are listed in README

Enemy and Dungeon Changes:

  • The Exp. Yield for certain enemies are lower if they appear within the first 3 dungeons
  • All dungeon enemies through chapters 1-3 have been edited, so enemies do not spam moves like Mudshot constantly
  • Most dungeon enemies have egg moves\tm moves if they need them. Not all enemies will have egg moves\tm moves, since some do not have any at all or other Pokemon in the dungeon covers starter weaknesses if there are multiple of the same type
  • All Dungeons have atleast one enemy that is strong against the starters/partners
  • The side path dungeons in chapter 7-8 (Side Path, Rock Path, and Forest Path) have Chanseys to help the player level up if they need it
  • The side path dungeons have six floors now
  • Enemies in dungeons get progressively harder as the floors go on
  • Bosses have been buffed
  • Enemy Moveset changes are featured in a separate document while Dungeon level/pokemon changes are listed in the README

Other Changes

Moved Igglybuff episode to unlock after beating Groudon (this is temporary for demo)
Teammates can now trigger hidden traps (to help balance being able to control them in dungeons)
All added starters have sleep animations/portraits (Ralts and Misdreavus have full starter animations)

Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone listed below along with those who played and beta tested Explorers of Memories. You are amazing!

Portrait Credits:
Grovyle portraits: Davilos
Buneary Portraits: frostibirb, smbmaster99
Ralts Portraits: JFain
Ralts Sprite: JFain
Misdreavus portraits: RoyalRust
Misdreavus Sprite: Emboarger
Abra Portraits: JFain
Dusknoir Portraits: drawsstuff
Sableye Portraits: drawsstuff, Phillips196
Duskull Portraits: baronessfaron

Patch Credits:
ChooseStarter - Anonymous
DisableTips - End45
SameTypePartner - End45
AddExperienceShare - Anonymous
MoveShortcuts - irdkwia, End45
FixEvolutionGlitch - Anonymous
UnusedDungeonChance - End45
ExtractDungeonData - Anonymous
ActorandLevelLoader - psy_commando
CompleteTeamControl - Cipnit
PartnersTriggerHiddenTraps - Cipnit
FarOffPalOverdrive - Cipnit
ReduceJumpcutPauseTime - Cipnit
EditExtraPokemon - End45
ExtraSpace: End45

Here are some picture that shown some of the changes I've made:














Explorer of Memories Official Demo V.1.2.rar

Edited by Shammywolf363
Update on EoM
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  • Shammywolf363 changed the title to Explorers of Memories - Official Demo v.1.1
  • 2 months later...

So I just started playing this hack. And I think misdreavus might be a bit busted. When I LV up i get +2 to all stats, each level, one level I even got +3! My partner only gets +1. Is this intentional? I am only level 8, so 3 levels is not that big of a serving size, but it seems pretty busted so far...

edit: maybe I am just a dum-dum, just saw my partner get a 2 and a 3 in one level up. So maybe I just got lucky?

Edited by pizzagod13
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Okay, since I am no life crew, I went and finished the demo, not sure how often you look at this page but here is some feedback

Misdreavius 100% gets more stats then my partner (bunnery) did, I think I got +2 to each of my stats for all of my levels, I finished at I think 21? My partner on the other hand only got +2 to a single stat a couple of times. I imagine this is not intentional? Misdreavius also levels much slower, it only amounted to being 1 whole level lower than my partner, but I imagine over the course of the entire game that is gonna add up. 

Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty standard and their is no much to be said about the gameplay side, it is pretty standard stuff, enemies having TM/Special moves was interesting, but was never super problematic. I think I only died once? And that was because I decide to take on a monster house job at like lv 10. Did not go well lol. 

One suggestion that I think is good on the gameplay side is to add a quick patch for the Spinda Cafe, I know that other hacks like Explorers of the Skies have done it, so it is possible. It just makes it so that making drinks is so much faster and less tedious, but that is a minor thing. 

Story Stuff


I really liked the story so far!

The dynamic between the MC and the Dusknoir is interesting, the way they talk to each other about the past really does feel like they were once friends, who have since grown distant... I like how they talk about things in a incognito fashion too, since they don't want to bring up where they are really from. I feel like it is pretty well written, but I am a sucker for fleshing out villain characters more, so maybe I am just biased.

The MC talking and their interactions with the partner Pokemon are also interesting, they actually feel like friends, which is cool. The part where the partner hugged the MC melted my heart ❤️

It does feel like Grovyle does not appear nearly as much as they should, they got like one new cutscene of worrying about the MC and that is it. Which is a bit weird. But I guess if the story is meant to be more about the relationship of the MC and Dusknoir it makes sense. 

Anyway, really liked the story, looking forward to seeing how it develops (once it comes off of hiatus)! 

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  • Shammywolf363 changed the title to Explorers of Memories - Official Demo v.1.2 (New Update 5/22/22)

This is off of hiatus now? Sweet!

I just finished a repeat save of this a few days ago and missed the update... whoops! 

Out of curiosity, how major are the new dialogue changes? EDIT: So based on the read me it is mostly that one scene. Neat, might have to replay it just for that, we will see!


Edited by pizzagod13
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I went through a character arc trying to figure out how to patch this but I did and I’m liking it so far! I’m not sure if this classifies as spoilers but I noticed unique dialogue when we got to the guild and the human character was Misdreavus. I giggled when I saw that. Again I’m liking this so far I can’t wait to see more.

Edit: Also something I noticed when I tried to have my human character be a Bunnery I couldn’t have Misdreavus as my partner. Or maybe I couldn’t have Misdreavus has my partner because of their lack of legs and the opening cutscene I don’t know something I noticed.

Edited by Peachstar36
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  • Shammywolf363 changed the title to Explorers of Memories - Official Demo v.1.2 (Update Post 2/5/2023)
17 hours ago, Kulev said:

Hi! I just wanted to ask how things are going? Hard to believe last update was 1 year ago!


17 hours ago, TinchoX said:



An update would most certainly be welcomed. 


Things have been really hectic the last year, and I wanted to tell you both that EoM will have an update in two months! I updated the main post to list some of the things being added in the next update. Thank you for playing!

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This is Shammywolf363, and I am sorry to say that the next patch of Explorers of Memories will be releasing at the end of May. As much as I want to release it right now, I am not happy with it right now and do not want to release a patch knowing that I could have done so much better. I figure an extra two months will give me enough time to polish it up as much as I can. I am really sorry for the delay!

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  • Shammywolf363 changed the title to Explorers of Memories - Official Demo v.1.2 (Update Post 3/17/2023)

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