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LGPE Vaporeon with Eevee Special Partner Moves


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I just want to share here this rare bug I have encountered while playing Let's Go Eevee. I had this Vaporeon from my Pokemon GO and had just migrated them to the GO Park.

Having them added on my party in Fuchsia City, I went in to the Poke Center for my partner Eevee to check-out new moves and to my surprise the move tutor asked to train Vaporeon instead. At first I had no idea that the moves are exclusive but I was amazed that this happened.

Unfortunately it won't train Jolteon and Flareon and cannot be done again. Here is a screenshot of it. I wonder if there are other players who experienced this bug.

Vaporeon with Eevee Special Partner Moves.jpg

Mod edit: Standard disclaimer - this information is presently neither verified nor replicated, and should not be deemed as material fact.

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@theSLAYER as much as I want to do it, it was too late when I found out about having this until a friend of mine pointed it once we were playing. I have completely forgotten the others in the party that time but all I can remember was:

  • I was in Fuchsia City when it happened
  • I have the Partner Eevee in my party
  • I have Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon as well on it and they we're transferred to GO Park from Pokemon GO
  • During that time the three Eeveelutions were there as I want to level them up in the game

Unfortunately I could no longer recount anything else. While I did retried it, it never occurred again.

I am just happy to have had this special Vaporeon in.

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