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How to transfer Pokemon

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To get a Pokémon from your machine that you generated with PKHeX to your game, you would have to export your save from the game using  Checkpoint then you can copy the Pokémon into that save in PKHeX. Save the save file and copy back it to the console. Then using Checkpoint to inject the save back into your game with the modified Pokémon. And, trasnferring to Home would be the same as usual from that point on.

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a) Extract your save from your CFW'd Switch (Using updated Checkpoint or JKSV), use PKHeX to edit that save, then import that save back into your CFW'd Switch
b) Use sysbot (normally hosted on various Discord servers) to trade you a pk8 file (which was crafted in PKHeX, or downloaded from the site). [you will need an active NSO subscription for this]

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