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How can I add mega evolutions on xy with pk3ds?

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I assume you are asking how to do this for trainers who have hold items disabled, and that you are using pk3DS.

You have multiple options:


  1. Enable hold items for that trainer (just check the box next to "items", and you will be able to set held items for that trainer). This will have no negative impact on anything else.image.thumb.png.5c30ca91b434f5320a39cd983bf5f62c.png
  2. Set the form of the Pokemon to its Mega form - it will be sent out already in its Mega state. If it has one mega form, then you will want to select Form "<pokemon name> 1", if it has an X and a Y variant, then the X will be that one, and the Y will be 2.image.png.086be5e99e23b4807eae912dd26f3fa7.png
  3. For extra difficulty, you can also both enable items AND set the initial form to the mega form, and give the Pokemon some useful hold item (e.g. in the example for option 2, giving that Mega Kangaskhan a Life Orb).



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