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[Suggestions] More little ideas about Pkmn Database

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Just realized I posted it in the wrong place, meant to be for PKHeX discussion, my bad on that one i'm tired. And since I can't move / delete the thread well if somebody can do that for me. Thanks a lot !


Yaaay it's me again ;_; !

Once again, as you may know, the Pkmn Database is my favorite thing of PKHeX, and once again, i'm back with two suggestions (once would be a fix, the other would be a dream) :

1) The fix one would be for EVs filter :


Rather than having the "Some" being range from 0 EV to 127 EV, could it be possible for it to be a range from 1 EV to 127 EV ?


2) One related to Sword / Shield saves :

Since it's possible to "load" Dex cut Pokémon with a blank Sword / Shield save, could it be possible for the PKHeX database to read ALL Pokémon and maybe put a warning if the Pokémon can't be in Sword / Shield rather than just skipping it ? When I want to check my whole database, I need to switch between Gen 7 / Gen 8 saves all the time based on if it's a Pokémon available or not in Gen 8.

Thanks a lot o/


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Use the advanced filters to !EVTotal=0


There's a new setting in the latest commits (since the last release) to bypass the "is present in current save" check.


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