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Pt/HGSS Trainer Records offsets & Misc. (research)


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Trainer Records is encrypted by LCRNG algorithm
Y0 = seed

Yn+1 = Yn * 0x41C64E6D + 0x6073
Xn = origin data XOR Yn 3&4th bytes

Pt: 61B4~6367 seed: 6368~636B
HGSS: 4B44~4CF7 seed: 4CF8~4CFB

DP are not encrypted


Pt can receive globe and crystals from Mr. Goods
accessed GTS: flag 2444 set
used another underground count by constant 71, 72, 73, 84: ->100
DP is 70~73

HGSS event flag(unset) 0681, 0682, 0683 = battle tower trophy
flag 0239, 0240, 0241 constant 226: ->4(conversation) = all Pokéathlon basement room enterable
flag(unset) 0725, 0726, 0727, 0728, 0729 = room items


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It seems Pt/HGSS are using the same offsets
+61B0 for Pt or +4B40 for HGSS
   4 score
 10 berry planted
 1C wild pokemon battles
 20 NPC trainer battles
 24 pokemon caught
 28 times fished
 2C eggs hatched
 30 pokemon evolved
 38 played in game corner
 3C battle tower continues won
 4C link trades
 50 link battles
 54 link battle wins
 58 link battle losses
 60 wifi trades
 64 wifi battles
 68 wifi battle wins
 6C wifi battle losses
 74 battle tower won
 8C money spent
 A0 daycare sent
 A4 pokemon defeated
 B4 mail wrote
 C0 TV watched
 C4 nicknames given
 CC berries pokemon picked
 C8 premium ball got
 D0 poffin made
 DC ***unknown Pt recorded
 E0 ***unknown Pt recorded
 E4 battleground won
 E8 battle frontier total won
 EC battle brains total won
 F0 battle factory won
 F4 battle castle won
 F8 battle hall won
 FC battle arcade won
100 battle factory pokemon changed
104 battle castle CP total remained
108 battle hall over level 10 selected?
10C battle arcade bonus BP?
110 BP got
114 BP spent
118 ***unknown Pt recorded
120 championship won
-126 splash used
-142 contest participated
144 link contest participated?
-146 contest won
148 link contest won?
14C move no effect
-14E own pokemon fainted
150 friendlyfire?
-152 failed run
154 pokemon run
-156 failed fishing
174 fossil restored
-176 ***unknown Pt recorded

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  • futuu changed the title to Pt/HGSS Trainer Records offsets (research)
On 10/19/2021 at 8:19 AM, theSLAYER said:

I've merged your messages. Also, no need to send unsolicated pings to specific people to ask for help.

I found the encryption algorithm and succeed to decrypt them, researching the offsets now
Is it easy to add the editor to PKHeX?

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  • futuu changed the title to Pt/HGSS Trainer Records offsets & Misc. (research)

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