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Sys-EncounterBot: Pokémon hunting bots (WIP)

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This is a SysBot.NET fork that allows to hunt most of the encounters in the Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch. I am doing this project for personal use and, above all, as a learning tool. Some bots are only a proof of concept, but they should work correctly for most cases.

Since I have used it quite a lot and it is kinda stable, I think some people out there can find it useful.

A detailed list of features and guides for the bots can be found in the EncounterBot wiki.

Since this fork is not maintained by the SysBot.NET devs, please don't hassle them.
If you need support, read the Troubleshooting page.

Supported games:
Let's Go Eevee
Let's Go Pikachu




olliz0r and berichan for sys-botbase

fishguy6564 and Koi-3088 for usb-botbase

kwsch for PKHeX

architdate, Lusamine, kwsch, all the ALM team and all the people involved in the developing/testing of SysBot.NET, thanks to which this project would never exist.

Lusamine, PP-theSLAYER, Zyro670, Lincoln-LM, Koi-3088 and KD#0001 for suggestions and explainations on how some game structures work and help in implementations.

Zaksabeast for his great researches on how Shinies are generated in the Let's Go games.

Other useful and/or similar resources and applications:

PyNXBotPyNXReader, ForkBot.NET, SysBot.NET

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