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Encounter from SoulSilver always legal with new update


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I am using OmegaRuby savefile, I noticed with the new update the Encounter of Pokemon coming from HeartGold/SoulSilver (Mewtwo, and Legendary Birds from Kanto) are Legal, no matter what I choose.

Don't know what is correct.

I downloading this:

And by default the Encounter is (none), the old PKHeX allows only (none) as Legal, meanwhile the new version accepts every type of Encounter and it still flags it as Legal.

I attach the pics of the Old vs New PKHeX

Any help/clarification? Thanks!




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I wanted to add that I tried several Pokémon from HG/SS with Met location "Pokétransfer" (Mewtwo, Dialga, Palkia...) and I confirm that in the last release, the "Encounter" has no effect at all in the legality: you can put whatever you want and the Pokemon will still be Legal.

I'm kinda sure this is not working as intended but well I'm no expert in this so, as always, I report the issue and maybe you can investigate it, or give some info about it.




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