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Binary Is Not Compatible With Save File


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I have a legitimate GBA Pokemon Emerald cartridge and a Nintendo DS Lite. I used a new R4 cartridge plus the GBA Backup Tool 0.21 to back up my Emerald save. When I try to open it on my Windows PC using the newest version of PKHeX I get the following error message: "Binary is not compatible with save file. Current SAV Generation: 8". 

This is my first time ever using any of these, so it's always possible I am doing something wrong. Hopefully someone can help me figure it out.


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For comparison, I downloaded an Emerald save from Project Pokemon which PKHex successfully opens. I downloaded a hex editor and loaded up both my Emerald save and the downloaded save. Too me, it is all unintelligible, I don't really know how to interpret any of it, but they both looked essentially the same to me. I didn't see any recognizable significant differences in how the data looked in the hex editor.

I'm sure it may be difficult to explain over simply text, but what do you mean when you say it looks like "random garbage", and what should it look like instead? The first photo is the file I downloaded, the second is my file.

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

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I'm sorry for wasting your time. I've had all five of the GBA Pokemon games for years and thought they were legitimate, but after doing some more research online I have found out they are in fact all reproductions. That is likely why this wasn't working. 

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