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Dynamax Adventure Feature

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I'm new, and I think this might be a question that has been addressed already. I was wondering if you guys have any plans to develop DA related for PKHex as a built-in feature or plugin. I think I saw an old DA plugin way back but that dev is no longer updated the plugin. I think super old version of PKHex still works with that plugin. I was just wondering if there are some reasons that DA feature hasn't peeked much interest.
If I posted in the wrong place, I do apologize.    

Thank you so much.

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If I posted in the wrong place, I do apologize.
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Plugins periodically have to be updated by their developers whenever PKHeX updates (PKHeX may use new functions, change how their existing functions work etc). The plugins are not managed by PKHeX devs.
If you're having issues, create a github account, and post an issue on their github page.

(I think you're referring to this)

Anyhow, I don't think this has anything to do with us.

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