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An intro after 5 years

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Not that I was here the whole time, but I've had my account since 2016 and never posted one. Hi I'm Bretaña, it's Spanish. I've been playing pokemon on and off my whole life since gen 1. Probably wasn't the most liked but Yellow was my favorite since I was a fan of the show and pikachu. The only games I really missed playing were the second gen (silver/gold/crystal, they were stolen from me) and their remakes (never bought them).

I've otherwise played all other games at some point, didn't necessarily finish them but I did play them. With being a 90s kid and now well into adulthood with my own income, I've invested in multiple DS systems as I went through a period of fixing handhelds and reselling them and a CFW Switch and have most if not all, of the pokemon games available to me. 

I'm currently working my way to finishing the SWSH (I have Shield) DLC and working on my first living dex, as Home states I have over 1300 pokemon but they have not been catalogued and I haven't completed any national dex yet. I did go through and remove any obviously hacked pokemon from the lot that I was able to transfer to PKHex and verify through research to the best of my ability. A lot are just stuck in Home till the Sinnoh games come out though. 

I received a lot of help from the community on discord and Atrius, so I decided to give back and become a Patron as well. 

My favorite pokemon is Noivern.

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