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Question about Poké Pelago

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Hello,I try to speed up the poke pelago time by changing the system time and I do get the rewards after I set the time to 2021/3/1. But when I reset the system time, I find that the poke pelago time(24h) does not change unless the time is after 2021/3/1. I think it is caused by the last saved date(2021/3/1) but the poke pelago time remain unchanged after I set the last saved date to 2021/2/27.It seems like there is a date data for poke pelago but I cannot find it.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there an easy way to speed up the poke pelago time?

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If you're using emulators, it might have RTC. You can use RTC to move the date forwards while inside the game. It works for the current Switch ones like yuzu which acts like the clock is reset every time the program is closed so you're forced to use the RTC method to advance the clock.

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