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Finding the timestamps for daily events in Emerald


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Hey, so after a year of on and off tinkering with my savefile I figured out what my issue was. Simply put, a lot of the events I checked while changing my RTC are timestamp-based. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what points in virtual time I saved at and when those events will tick over and become active again. Has anybody ever figured out even what the hex editor values for stuff like the lottery or Swarms are? Or am I truly in the shit? Cheers!

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This site has tech details of the timestamp but is based on Ruby and Sapphire. It mentions that Emerald uses the same format but you may (I'm not sure) have to find a Emerald map to find the right offset. https://web.archive.org/web/20160418015118/http://furlocks-forest.net/wiki/?page=Ruby%2FSapphire_Save_Data_Map

Just changing the RTC to a high value would work also as long as it is higher then whatever you used as the highest before. Depending on what you changed it to. I find most people just change the RTC to real time to make it easy to remember in the future after any battery changes.

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