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I finished Pokémon Blue today without any cheat and I can prove it!

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I've seen so many youtubers finishing Pokemon Red & Blue using cheats, today I finally finished the game without any cheats and I can prove since I documented the whole journey in this playlist.

I spent a total of 31 hours finishing the game, I didn't complete the pokedex, for that I would have to play Pokemon red too, maybe one day I'll do it if you want to see it, but at the moment I want to start playing generation 2, Gold, Silver , or Crystal, I still haven't decided which game I want to play, Crystal looks better, but I think if I wanted to finish the pokedex then I would have to play the 3 games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, however if I only play Gold , then I would only need to finish Silver to complete Pokedex, right?

I'll show you my Hall of Fame, but the great Hero was my Haunter, what a wonderful pokemon!



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