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Spiritomb not working by using block data in Sword or Shield

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@NamelessPlayah93 So I've actually made Spiritomb spawn on a new game. Here's what I did:
11C12005 - 0370 Bool -> Bool 1
1895E693 - 0515 Bool -> Bool 1
*UInt32 KPlayersInteractedOnline -> 32

(Note: This note is only applicable to you (the reader) if you don't have the first 2 specific block keys. Ignore this note if you (the reader) have them.

For 11C12005 and 1895E693, I'm guessing that those digits in the block key might differ, depending on how you progressed from v1.0.0 to v.1.3.1. If you don't have those specific block keys, you may have to scroll through, to find and match the details towards the end of the block key name, namely 0370 Bool and 0515 Bool)

If you were already standing in front of the tomb, and Spiritomb didn't spawn, just fly back to the Great Dyna Hill and cycle your way back to the tomb.

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