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[Help] How to create / work on a database ONLY based on saves.

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Hi everybody o/ !

So i'm coming with a bigger issue than just the title tbh. I'm messing up with the db function these days for my collection, but i'd like to know if this "ideal" would be possible.

My setup is that atm, all my saves are stored in the cloud. I can't move them and I can't change their names. It's linked to all my RNG stuff, my RNG researches tools.

I'd like to find a way to see all my pokemon from these saves in the db and in order of gen. My actual setup is to have dumped each file (well only done Gen 1 - 3, but just as a test atm) but it means more files to deal with, updates to do and re-dump everything.

My first idea was to abuse of the "bak" folder and put some shortcuts. Doesn't work (ofc) and even if i create folders inside the bak folder, it'll just ignore them.


So how i could do that. If not could it be added ? Because I really think that it'd help if people could just have these dbs based on their saves.

Thanks !

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PKHeX's pkm database allows you to toggle (dumped pkm) & (box data from saves).

I know that OneDrive can also force keeping files locally, but you could temporarily download them and dump them. Or, you can change the behavior of LoadPKMSaves to use whatever keep-local folder(s) you want.

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Dumping my Pokemon / Moving my saves is a waste of time at this point, i'm dealing with hundred of stuff that i'd need to dump every day to know where i'm going, i've done it today just for the fun, and i've already changed a lot of stuff.

I'm more curious of a way to say "Read every save from that folder" like it does well with the bak folder pretty much. I thought there could be a solution with the Folder function of PkHeX but was not sure how to deal with that

Thanks !


Edit : @Kaphotics I just set up my savepath.txt but it doesn't read the Pokemon in the database. Could this be a feature please ?
Would help a lot.


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