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5 minutes ago, Ur Name said:

Hellooo guyss ,can someone give me Pokemon x save files when we want to choose the kanto starter that give by professor sycamore?? If u guys havee can u give the save file for me? I played on citra btw . Thnkss

Check https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1659-pokemon-xy-citra3ds-saves/

Modify the saves if necessary. If not to your liking, grab the save from your 3DS.

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11 minutes ago, Ur Name said:

Thnk u so much but if I'm not wring the save file just from the starter (froakie,cheslin,fennekin) right? Actually what I want us the kanto starter not the kalos. 

People rarely fulfill save requests anymore. So you could just use the files I provided (in the link) to receive your Kanto starter (it is past Kalos starter). If the reason why you're asking is because Citra freezes on the Kanto starter collection, then what I can say is this:
Citra can freeze at almost every story beat. Don't expect people to always provide you a save to get past a hang point :3

Basically, make do with what's available, else get your own save from your 3DS.

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2 minutes ago, Ur Name said:

Okay then , I will try it . Sorry for bother ur timee tysm 🤗

no worries, just trying to help (by linking you the files, by telling you how common it is for Pokemon to hang on Citra, and by letting you know people sadly don't fulfill requests anymore :/ )

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