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pkhex7 Help marks me illegal Greninja Ash from the Mysterious Gift :(


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Captura.thumb.PNG.aa8a8ddad1af3a444f384a75d72442a9.PNGHello, and used PKHEX a long time ago and today I encouraged myself to have Greninja Ash in my departure legally, that is by the mysterious gift database, previously out of curiosity I had given it in "See" to see if it was illegal or not, but it appeared to me that if it was legal and I wanted to have it but in the future and today I was encouraged to have it and when I open the PKHEX it appears to me that there is new update and as always I update it, finishing downloading the file I normally open it and went to "Data", "Mystery Gift" but when I hit Greninja Ash in "See" I get the symbol that it is illegal which previously did not appear to me and now I am afraid to put it in my game and that I report the game, the console or something :( Help, is there any way I can have my Greninja Ash? Or is it already illegal now? Please thank a sorry answer for the inconvenience :(

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