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Egg move from Illegal to Legal with the new update

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Hello! I was messing around with PkHeX and I noticed that the new version doesn't flag the Pokemon Illegal when the Relearn Moves are not filled.

Maybe the picture explains it better

Now I understand that the old version (left) wants me to put "Rapid Spin" on Relearn moves, but on the latest update it isn't needed, I can put "Rapid Spin" and it doesn't flag it as illegal.

I don't know exactly the correlation between egg moves and relearn moves, but in Gen7 as far as I know, Kabutops can learn Rapid Spin only by breeding

So I don't know which version of PKHeX should I trust? Because one day something is illegal, the other day it isn't. Or viceversa. Maybe some of you can give me more info!

I attach screenshot and the .pk7 file



141 - Kabutops - EAC175EF3CA4.pk7

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Thanks for reporting; it's a regression. Egg moves for gen6+ have to be in the relearn moves list (unless it is a "shared" egg move via Gen8's mechanic, which this pk7 is not).

I've been wanting to refactor the moveset validation for a while now... maybe soon :P


It's now fixed in the development build; next release should be in the next day or so.

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