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PKMN B/W 1 - Proper event flags for Landorus catch?


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As I've already imported Thundurus and Tornadus via Mystery Gift on my sav file for Pokemon Black v1, I'd love to bypass the need to find and catch them, rather move directly to the Landorus event. 

In PKHEX I can see the event flags for the first two, and have set them to "caught," but I'm seeing 5 choices in the section relevant to Landorus (Misc. Edits), three of which are the same label of "event," while the other two are "battleable" and "caught." Needless to say my instinct was to check "battleable," but even with the two necessary pkmn in my party, the abundant shrine offers no event, just a brief description of the shrine. 

If anyone is familiar with this particular set of event flags, I'd love to hear any suggestions or potential solutions, thanks!

(It might be good to know that I'm running the most recent Mac version of PKHEX, and I'm willing to try the pc version if thought necessary.)

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