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49 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

Sure, dump the game from your legitimately purchased copy of the game via your hacked switch.

I havent a Hacked Switch my Friend ask me that i can make a Mod for My Friend but he dont know how he Dump the game


40 minutes ago, ExeFs and romfs said:

Ich habe keinen Hacked Switch. Mein Freund hat mich gefragt, ob ich einen Mod für meinen Freund machen kann, aber er weiß nicht, wie er das Spiel ablegt

And his exefs and Romfs is already modified

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don't ask for them again. You're effectively asking for files from ROMs, which is piracy, which is against our rules.

Also, if he has the game legitimately, he can always disable the mods and redump the files that are unmodified, so that's a horrid excuse.

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