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Pkmn Emerald, stuck on dialogue (batteltower)[Solved]

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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my Pkmn emerald save. (It is a rom-hack of sorts, it's a modified verison of emerald called "emeraude PLUS" made by a frenchie I play for fun so maybe that's why, but I'm too dumb to find what caused the issue anyway)

Here's what i remember happenned : Went into battle tower, spoke to npc who asked me to save game wich I did, then proceeded to fight my way through the levels (i think it was the 2v2 pkmn battles). Lost and decided to reset. Turned off the emulator and launched the game again.

Now whenever I start the game I'm immediatly forced to talk to the npc asking to save the game...but it crashes my emulator instead of doing the save and starting the battle tower event....

I cannot find for the life of me a solution, I thought I could edit the save and Move my character elsewhere but it seems impossible ? I'd appreciate any help at this point as I sunk a lot of hours in this playthrough and dont feel like starting over my entire team (and pokedex for that matter).


I uploaded the actual SAVE If a blessed soul feels like helping me

Pokemon - Version Emeraude PLUS [2.8].sav

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