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Pokemon HOME Live Plugin not available on PKHeX?

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Hey guys. I'm not sure if this has been posted already as I couldn't find any topics related to this problem but I am unable to find the HOME feature within PKHeX. I was following a tutorial posted by  SkyLink98 where it states I would have to load a Sword/Shield save file and then proceed by Tools > HOME. As you can see from the screenshot, that feature isn't available for me. I checked to see if I had to list it by checking the settings but nothing there indicates as so. I then went to see if I have the latest version of PKHeX which I do. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Please and thank you :)

2021-01-13 (2).png

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On 1/14/2021 at 10:29 AM, SkyLink98 said:

It works correctly in the latest PKHeX stable version, be sure to unblock the DLL and place it in the plugins folder.

firstly, I apologise for the late response. when I downloaded the PKHeX file, it was just the application and there was no plugin folder included. following the guide, it says if you don't have one just make one which I assume was just a random folder for PKHeX plugins. or am I missing something? as for the unblocking the DLL file, I did that and I moved it into a plugin folder I created

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12 minutes ago, SkyLink98 said:

The "plugins" folder must be named in this exact way and it must be in the exact same path as the PKHeX executable, outside of any archive.

The HOME DLL must be inside the "plugins" folder, if all of that is placed correctly, the "HOME" options should appear in the "Tools" menu inside PKHeX.

what would be the exact name for the plugin folder? do I have to place the PKHeX application inside the folder too? sorry for the questions. I'm trying to understand through your guide and response

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